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Here are some photos of some friends, cool guitars and other neat stuff!!

Jerry Donahue and Will Ray
Chris Fleming, Mike Eldred, Todd Krause, Me and Mary Kaye
Mark w/ another G&L
The best is yet to come!
Bill w/ Johnny Hiland
Bill, me,George Fullerton and Will Ray
Mike jammin on a CS Esquire
Bring back the Tonemaster
Scott having a moment
Part of the PMC G&L collection
Visting G&L and Leo's lab!
Is this cool or what?

Black Tuxedo ASAT Bass
Our first CS piece, a beauty!
NAMM in Anaheim
Yuiry Shishkov
Yep....a real store.
Paul and Mrs. Leo Fender
Again w/ George Fullerton
ASTRA @ Mr. C's Rock Palace
PMC staff night out.......
to see Steve Morse and the Dregs
Steve Morse
Rick's Rod stopping by!


More to come...

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