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G&L Prototype and Officaial Photo Instruments Available @ PMC
Date Completed: May 20, 2011

Description: Dark Trans Blue over soft maple, black hardware, matching headstock, ebony fingerboard, Jerry Cantrell signature decal.

Purpose: Dave McLaren recalls, "This prototype was built nearly two years before the Superhawk Jerry Cantrell was launched. Essentially, building this guitar was a process of bringing back the Superhawk. Since much of the architecture of the Superhawk is shared with the F-100, this guitar was based on a production F-100 and modified as needed. The color was the same blend we'd used to build a one-off Rampage for Jerry, a guitar which featured an anotomical heart graphic from the cover art for Alice In Chain's 2009 Black Gives Way To Blue album. We already had the Rampage Jerry Cantrell model so the same signature decal was used, but we were lucky to find a few Superhawk decals still in the paint shop since the '80s. The work order for this prototype shows it as an F-100 in Clear Blue, but it's far from that."

Date Completed: May 13, 2013

Description: Old School Tobacco Sunburst over Korina on semi-hollow Okoume body, 1-ply black pickguard, quartersawn maple neck with Pau Ferro fingerboard, Light Tint Gloss neck finish.

Purpose: This Savannah Collection ASAT Junior II is the prototype for the Collection and was used for official photos for the press release and Dave McLaren recalls, "While this Junior II was being made, I was still thinking about what to name the collection. We'd already decided to go ahead, so the instrument was built using the old part number for the Korina Collection ASAT Junior II, the closest model in our computer system. Someday an owner will look under the pickup, find the production tag, and wonder why it refers to a Korina Collection ASAT Junior II. This is the reason."
Custom Creations Savannah Collection ASAT Junior II
Superhawk Jerry Cantrell
Date Completed: July 18, 2013

Description: Orange Metal Flake over alder, 1-ply black guard, rosewood fingerboard, matching headstock Vintage Tint Gloss neck finish.
Purpose: G&L needed a photo of Orange Metal Flake and decided to showcase it on an ASAT Special. What a stunning guitar this is!
ASAT Special
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